,,, then he remembered, then he, then he sought vengeance, someone must be punished,,, him or me, then the blame went round and round, then he slept, then he woke up still thirsty,,, still missing, still demanding, then he got a hardon, then he came,,, then it was back to punishing, there must be villains, how can I live in a world without, then attack,,, then run away to another day, then he tried to remember, what was he, who,,, someone took something, who, what, no matter,,, the wheel is turning, the blood is thirsty, lines have been spawned, sides frozen,,, there will be tears, there will be pus, then he was sick, tired of fighting,,, tired of not, tired of winning, tired of losing, tired of villains,,, tired of heroes, then he walked away, could he, fight or fight the law of laws,,, suffering is a fact, if there is x there must be z, then he saw another, then he remembered,,, good and evil, someone must be, then the story took over, on an on it turtled to the twittering end,,,

~      The one-many universe
~      … and, and, …
1.     The endless web of ands that is reality. (Causality the spider that weaves reality’s web. ((Causality is not a spider, reality not a web.)))
2.     The infinitesimal and the infinite have the same mother. (The cause of the mind is the cause of the universe.)
~      Unthinking thinking
~      The flotsam and jetsam of the mind
1.     Like a dog fascinated with its own vomit.
~      Heartmind
~      The feeling mind
1.     Opening the heart, opening the mind.
2.     The wisdom of the borderless mind.

The voice of pain

Broken, mad, alone. The End. I could curse my life and my death with my last breath. Bitiş. I could clutch and cling to a ruined body. Wakas. I could die of boredom. 完結.

I could be forgotten long before I died. Slutt. I could be murdered. Fim. There could be an unspeakable accident. Son. I could be devoured. Het Einde.

I could poison myself. نهاية I could crawl back to God. Das Ende. I could be screaming. Koniec. I could arouse disgust. Fine.

I could be grotesque. Lõpp. I could give up. סוף. I could be dying to go. Τέλος. I could be drugged out of my mind. Befejezés.

I could be senseless. Akhir. I could be in an interminable coma. Pabaiga. I could be a righteous terrorist. Beigas. I could be watching television. Konec.

I could be masturbating to porn. Конец. My passing could elicit sighs of relief. Galas. I could be enslaved. 종료. All my orifices could be leaking. 終了.

I could be hounded. Endir. I could be crushed by regrets. Nobeigums. I could be ugly. สิ้น. I could rot anonymously. Slutning.

I could be oblivious. Cuối. I could be monstrous. Πέρας. I could be trivial. Sfârşit. I could be dead. Fin.

Cogitatio et extensio
~      Embodiment
~      The mutual indwelling of body and mind
1.     Between the embodied mind and the enminded body, the feeling of what happens pulses.
2.     I feel, I think. There is no therefore.
3.     When the body is not a problem for the mind, the mind is not a problem for the body.
~      Ways of knowing
~      Being with, becoming with
1.     To know…to love…to let…
2.     For love of the other:
a.     Physics: Composition is decomposition.
b.     Chemistry: Where there is attraction, there is repulsion.
c.     Biology: …difference begets repetition begets difference…
d.     Astronomy: Form loves emptiness, emptiness form.
~      The momentum of existing
~      The energy of continuation
1.     The force of habit. (We do not own what moves us.)


True or False?

It’s the fighting that makes one feel alive.
I attack you, because you are my enemy.
Because I attack you, you are my enemy.
Those who have nothing in common cannot be enemies.

For or against depends on what everyone had for breakfast.
Winners need losers more.
They deserve it.

Sometimes it’s wiser to lose. 
The greatest prize is the power to make up the rules.
The winner always loses.
Nonviolence is a weapon.

Nothing is more precarious than victory.
All alliances are transient.
Where there is war, there is someone enjoying.

Nothing is worth dying for.
In war, God is always an excuse.
Before there can be an enemy, there must be the idea of the enemy.
It is not a victory unless there are witnesses.

Power decides the outcome of the dicethrow.
The wise do not fight over ideas.
Those who crave victory can always find an enemy.

Sooner or later trulse becomes frue.

~      A piece of nature
~      Composition
1.     The body is a verb: to come together.
2.     Unlike the mind, the body doesn’t keep any secrets from itself.
~      Desire
~      Wanting
1.     Moved by the body, bound by the mind.
2.     With our eyes we paint the world.
3.     A spark in the belly flares to a conflagration in the mind. (The mind on fire will burn its own house down.)