~      Passivity
~      Defensive apathy
1.     Mind cannot live on red alone. (Wherever there is passion for passion, there lurks the passion for death.)
1.     Knowledge, like passion, never goes in a straight line. (The ocean of passion…the voyage to knowledge…)

The fugitive also desires the pursuer

loves in search of love pursuing
time’s shadow fugue seeking riverrun parallax music chasing
the waves between the lights following the sanctuary of dying furies looking for
wild wuthering Emilies yearning for comicrossed vernal travelers going after
unwaiting unnamables hunting for ideas of disorderly Sunday mornings running after
ash wheelbarrows on red wasteland quartets craving plumed rainbow fucks wanting
unvanquished wild Mississippis desiring bittersweet green autobifictionalographics eyeing
invisible ditties hankering for velvet ice ghostworlds longing for
furry composition as tender smitten by ruby omar’s kayaks coveting
the vertigo of saturnian emigrants dying for l’objet petit s/z pining for de la camera imaginaire
l’avventura de la dolce strada fancying Zeno’s brother’s turtledove hungry for
pan y ton ochs nuts e hams and lusting after midnight’s sea verses thirsting for
99 exercises in a void wishing for idiot brothers of underground solitudes aching for
one hundred years of shipwrecked labyrinths dreaming of queer crash lunches greedy for
genealogies of untimely twilights avid for gardens of irreligious quincunxes itching grasping for
tripling ways of foxy changes insatiable for mad words and surds voracious ravenous for

marinating volcanic undertones
84 down-and-out animals
the mirthful innocence of summer buccaneers
a pioneering death
tempestuous unmoorings, Part 2
mutual expectations of mysterious curiosities
the future of dream jokes & taboos
the keeper-messenger of disquiet
the double blindness of names
temptations of last Odysseuses
2666 secret detectives
ghost atlas #9
alphabets of forking artifices
invitations to sinister ardor
the music of glass chances

~      Power
~      Compositionality
1.     Composability is compossibility.
2.     No contact, no event. No event, no change. No change, no power.
3.      (De)composition is the mother of beauty—and thus of truth.
~      Know-nothing
~      Kindness to strangers
1.     The adventure of understanding begins with leaving what one knows. (Until understanding understands that there’s nothing to understand, what does it really understand? Nothing.)
Pratitya Samutpada
~      Interbecoming
~      This-and-that
1.     The because of each is every.
2.     To see the universe in a chain of ands, and eternity in a wild hour.


Like glassy wonderlands shimmering in a mirrorless adventure
Like a dreamless sleep after an orgy of phantasms
Like a white pause between breathless catastrophes
Like an arresting rememory in the middle of changing faces
Like a love-consuming fever
Like a disaster illuminating obscure perception
Like a cool on a burning
Like a May day in January
Like sudden death precipitating convergence
Like a kiss with no befores or afters
Like a kumquat in Siberia
Like a sign dissolved by silence
Like a requiem for requiems
Like a motherless mother soothing an unchildish child
Like spiralings overspilling queer squarings


Like liquid sequels crowning a cryptic legend
Like resonating symbols of unnamable recurrences
Like a febrile symbolist stumbling into a scissor factory
Like an echoing epiphany appearing in the disappearing
Like o-less stars showering a nocturnal garden
Like (k)now stumbling into new
Like -verging vortices in a tripling crisscrossing
Like ecstasy surrendering to suspense
Like a lucid loosening in a knotty dissonance
Like a polymorphous sufi crashing a promiscuous masquerade
Like frabjously interpenetrating contraries
Like merging emergences, convergingly diverging
Like a redemptive swerve
Like a shaking waking which dreamed what?
Unlike like
Like a fulfilling emptiness emptying fulfillment