~      Willing ignorance
~      Denial
1.     Ignorance a defense not only against knowing but also against not-knowing.
2.     Ignorance’s counterpart not knowledge but desire. (The one who desires refuses to know desire.)
~      Merging bliss
~      Ecstatic emergence
1.     The universe’s true name is joy.
2.     Unperturbed by the tremors of pleasure and pain, unshakeable bliss surrounds us, penetrates us, binds the universe together.
~      Going on becoming
~      Transformation
1.     Where there is no becoming, no truth—and hence no beauty. (There is nothing more becoming than becoming.)

A Trick!

DIV: Afraid, hopeful, he is ripe for believing.
OMER: Just give him something he can call his own.
FISCH: Credo. He was is now will be.
GANS: Fly what may, is is is.

DIV: The world is good. The world is evil. Let him choose.
OMER: He’ll want to go back. They always want to go back.
FISCH: He wants a destiny that doesn’t move.
GANS: Two birds are better.

DIV: Deep down, everyone is a believer—or desperately wants to be.
OMER: P waits for U.
FISCH: Does anything stay.
GANS: He dreams of wings.

DIV: He dreams with open eyes.
OMER: He will kill if he thinks he has to.
FISCH: All this, for where?
GANS: He flies to himself, he thinks.

DIV: He invokes the gods against himself.
OMER: The web is woven. Who can unweave it?
FISCH: A river runs through him. Why does he swim against the current?
GANS: Somebody knows.

DIV: He will blame himself or he will blame someone else.
OMER: Nothing is as he remembers.
FISCH: He wanted to remember. He wants to forget.
GANS: Eating is remembering. If he doesn’t stop, how can he swerve?

~      Seeds of recurrence
~      Repetition’s residues
1.     This continues that.
2.     The theme is variation. Difference always repeats. This is the continuity of metamorphosis. This is the music of transformation.
~      Dreamlessness
~      Tender clarity
1.     To awaken as no one.
2.     Eager to wake, eager to sleep. (The one who awakens is not the same as the one who wants to awaken.)
3.     Awakening an infinite question whose infinite unanswerability is reality. (Dreamless, the awakened see—everything is dream.)
~      Joy-in-the-world
~      Opening
1.     To see everything as an invitation to joy.
2.     Joy makes space for everything, especially suffering.
3.     There are many passages from the labyrinth of suffering to the clearing of joy.
4.     The bell of suffering still summons us to joy.

Who is my enemy?

It all started with thinking. Thinking he wanted something. Wanting to think something. That was the beginning . . . The disaster that started it all. It’s true he couldn’t help it. In the end nobody can help anything can they? Help yourself! . . . It’s there for the wanting. He could almost tongue it. Nobody else wanted it. If everybody wants it it must be . . . Get your own! All that thinking thinking thinking was driving him. Madness driving him. Plotting and scheming cunning and conniving . . . His friends became his enemies, his enemies his friends. Whose side are you on anyway? He didn’t know what to think anymore. Still he kept on thinking . . . He didn’t know what to want anymore. So he tricked himself into wanting. Who knows what who wants? I want to start something I want to finish . . . It? It. It’s already started. Keep going . . . All the way to. The end is the beginning. That takes us back to thinking and wanting no? Once upon a time there was no thinking . . . Then there was. That’s when it all started. Started with. No nes no.

~      Eternal returner
~      Saint no-one
1.     The immanent ones, otherworldly in their surpassing love of the world.
2.     The holy ones who have wholly exchanged themselves for others.
3.     The pathless ones—intimate with suffering, attuned to joy.
Bonum et malum
~      The concept of good and evil
~      Relativity
1.     Having acquired a taste for good and evil, we have forgotten the tang of freedom.
~      The awakening that awakens
~      Storylessness
1.     Knowing, moment by moment, that this is enough. (You can tell by their unshakeable smiles.)
2.     Those who cut through the confusion between the differences that make a difference and the differences that don’t, transforming doing into being, being into bliss.