~      Mindswaying
~      Back-and-forth mind
1.     To desire, to oscillate.
2.     Cogitation and its discontents. (I think, therefore I vacillate.)
~      Habituation
~      Inertia
1.     It’s not enough to interrupt a habit once, twice, seven times; only another habit can change a furrowed habit’s course. (To liberate the energy bound in habit.)
2.     Habit’s self-justification—life is too much for me!
3.     The conspiracy of habit and identity: I repeat, therefore I am.
~      Un/Consciousness
~      Minding
1.     The grasping mind grasps least.
2.     Craving a world of its own making, consciousness takes images for things.
3.     Conscious of what? Conscious for what? Conscious with what? Conscious through what? …against, as, in, … what?

guilt = debt, someone must be punished

The body suffers.

~      Fluid attunement
~      To see without Is
1.     Hovering in the luminous confluence of the flux of perception and of reality.
2.     Sitting under the tree of becoming.
3.     To see beyond belief.
4.     Insight only appears outside. (Where there is no inside or outside, insight arises.)
~      Action liberated from passion
~      Effortless effort
  1. Power creates joy.
  2. To do what one can do, to do what one must do.
  3. To be consumed by the present, one must hold nothing back.
  4. With nothing to gain and nothing to lose, the virtuous move joyfully from crisis to crisis, leaping from catastrophe to catastrophe.
  5. Both acting without regard to consequences, the sage and the fool meet entirely different results.
  6. Beyond the shadow of good and evil, virtue blooms.
~      Tropisms
~      Cause-and-effect
  1. Life is gloriously involuntary.
  2. The myth of free will, self-love’s illusion. (With the illusion of free will we reject our true freedom.)
  1. Is there any difference between the grass’s will to green and my will to mean?
  2. What I call my will is not—it flows from many bodies, none of which are mine.