there will be a friend


~      Things of the mind
~      Mindsigns
1.     When you start taking your ideas too seriously, you’ll know it’s time to give them up.
2.     Beware of ideas that cannot smile.
3.     Entranced by ideas, the mind forgets to exhale.
~      Imaginings
~      Imaginations
1.     The seduction of images—the mind loses itself in the mind. (Do you wake up to a new day?)
2.     Imagination’s plots to master reality would be comic if they weren’t so tragic. (Thinking is innocent until it becomes for or against.)
~      The unbounded
~      Endless transformation
1.      Running through the empty-infinite, the no-thing in everything. (To release the play of infinity in the games of the finite.)

a talisman inspires confidence


~      The power of knowing
~      The meeting of mind and world
1.     Just a small raft of understanding on the great river of unknowing.
2.     To know, one must allow oneself to know. (Between not knowing and refusing to know, a world of difference.)
~      Serene intimacy
~      Joyful receptivity
1.     (Ful)Filling the mind that begins and ends in the middle, knowing has not past, no future; present to the present, this knowing knows itself.
2.     To be at peace with the ceaseless passing of knowing into unknowing. (Wisdom not a content but a form—the space of opening.)
3.     When the joy of understanding joins the understanding of joy.