~      Aimless love
~      Free love
1.     Love sans selves. (A who-less, what-less, where-less, when-less, how-less, why-less love.)
2.     Infinitive love. (To love without subject or object.)
~      Focusing
~      Interpresence
1.     The confluence of seeing and being. (Fluid attention waxing, the solidifying self wanes.)
~      The wending way
~      Taoing on
1.     The world is the only path—you cannot lose your way. (Deeper in the mind, deeper in the world.)
2.     Turning the wrong turns to the right ones.

somebody wins, somebody loses

with or wit
although or because
being or bleeding
joy or wolf

in or war
around or throughly
Istanbul or Constantinople
bang or space

change or God
thinking or grass
mirror or echo
Proteus or Nagarjuna

pencil or arrow
ray or sphere
limit or infinitive
spreading or sticky

name or intertwining
polymorphously or suchly
fried rice or Friedrich
pigeon or cuckoo

monument or anonymous
Babel or horizon
disaster or desire
ecstasy or suspense

laughing or guilt
attuning or conforming
alphabet or realize
flesh or signify

for or shore
door or oar
more or pour
or or or

~      Minding
~      Mental space
1.     The mind’s true body is the world.
2.     You don’t have to buy the mind’s wares. (A bird in the hand is worth two in the mind.)
~      Cosmic modulations
~      Infinite modification
1.     One = Many
a.     To unfold the many in the one with the one in the many.
b.     Diversity unity’s past and future—also its eternal present.
c.     Far from being in the way of the one, the many is the only way.
2.     What is art?
a.     The truth of unity is the beauty of diversity.
b.     Let the world be my only distraction from the world.
c.     Without diversity, unity can only be a fiction—the most dangerous one.
3.     The power of one-many
a.     Only in diversity.
b.     Without the many, how can the one become?
c.     Unity’s greatest power? Diversification, naturally.
~      Spreading joy
~      The joy of relinquishing
1.     Released from the captivity of subjectivity.
2.     Doing nothing, going nowhere, being nobody, effort becomes effortless, meaning meaningless.
3.     Embraced by joy, contradiction dissolves, taking identity with it.

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He made her feel the beauty; made her feel. Despite himself, Fitz fell with Liz. The madwoman blazed in the fire. Still dreaming of hearts and heads.

The war is over Alice. Rosvif for everyone! Now is the time for no time. All swells that bends well.

She woke up in in. Down down down the ringing fell . . . SiZZlinG. Will you me? If the shoe fits.

It keeps on Gogogoing. All come together, eternally. Round the table up down in out fall away. What is this X?

The biggest turkey for himmy. The burd gyrl, verginal byrd. And her starlove burned to foam on the sea. Salt to salt, longing to longing.

Against you I with. To hear, to clear, be here, disappear. Mothers mothers everywhere. The tempest of passing, the tempest is passing.

The one found the many, the red and the blue. The sun again, the night again. Welcome home Galileo. Blindly John dictated as George illuminated fantastic bestiaries.