~      Universal interpenetration
~      Truth and consequence
1.     CHANCE = FATE (Reality is a web. Nobody wove it.)
2.     No event is an island.
~      Feeling with
~      Interfeeling
1.     The withness that witnesses.
2.     The suffering of refusing suffering. The peace of compassion.
3.     Know the other, know yourself.
~      Space
~      The plenitude of emptiness
1.     The limitless potential of composition.
2.     Another paradox: Why does not-thinking fill more space than thinking?
3.     The bliss of space, the space of bliss. (Space, mother of bliss…)
4.     Wanting nothing, space embraces everything.


If you go for it, will you do whatever it takes, or will you set some limits?
If you set limits, will they be external or internal?
If you do whatever it takes, will you be able to live with yourself afterwards, or will you be haunted by guilt?
If your boundaries are internal, will you keep them fixed or modify them as needed?

If you live with yourself afterwards, will you savor your victory or immediately seek another challenge?
If you are hounded by guilt, will you consider it your punishment, or will you try to shake it off?
If you change your boundaries, will you do it according to principle or according to expediency?
If you savor your victory, will you forgive your enemies or will you destroy them?

If you forgive your enemies, will you sleep better at night, or will you always be watching your back?
If you seek another challenge, will you look for a harder challenge or an easier one?
If you try to evade your guilt, will you distract yourself with sensual pleasures, or justify your so-called “misdeeds”?
If you go for a bigger challenge, will you calculate your risks or just go for it?

If you if, will you will?

~      Habits of suffering
~      The inertia of pain
1.     The nostalgia for familiar sufferings. (Suffering also flows—why solidify it?)
2.     The crucial interval before suffering hardens into the compulsion to suffer. (How to keep the clarity of suffering from being dulled by habit?)
3.     Chained to our own suffering. (Look—no chains.)