Laetitia et tristitia
~      The ups and downs of feeling
~      The vicissitudes of emotion
1.     Dukkha-Sukha
a.     The pleasure and pain of the mind is not the pleasure and pain of the body.
                       i.  Always shuttling between pleasure and pain is the mind’s peculiar pleasure-and-pain.
                        ii.  Choosing its pleasures, the mind chooses its pains.
b.     The joy of not preferring.
2.     Pleasure-Pain
a.     One owns pain as little as one owns pleasure. (In intensity we feel the selfless affinity of pleasure and pain.)
b.     Belonging to no one, joy belongs to all. (There is no key to joy—its doors have always been open.)
~      The wisdom of freedom
~      The joy of expectationlessness
1.     Surrendering to reality. (What is freedom but the freedom to love it all?

the mark of x

3370    He’s got the parts, so he’s gotta be a b.
74-       The years of pretending.
77        I am a boy, I am a boy, …
5885    From?

11885  Citizen of  nowhere. A 9,161,923 sq km prison.
92        The mark of Baruch. No one is watching us. (I’m still watching. The mark of Sigmund.)
94        The mark of Sodom. Reversion to inversion. Diversion from perversion. Transitional polymorphousness.

95        Return to S & G. Salty pillars everywhere!
96        In the ghetto where everybody knows your naaame… Something moving in the shadows.
97        The wound migrates. Where has it got to now?
98        More role playing games.

99        Metempsychosis. Vishnu becomes Ulysses becomes Pessoa becomes amoeba.
1100    The millennium of the image. Beings of light—more luminous—more illusory.
501      Doctor of unknowing.

02        The turns keep turning, the forks forking.
803      Inside a river, outside a river, between a river. There is one riverrunning—no one can step out of it. Footprints in the water. (There is no river.)
05        Another day another. Faintly falling faintly.
08        Anonymous arising. Disappearing marks appearing. Against you I will fling myself!

0          Nothing marks no one. Holy signlessness envelops all.