Nama Rupa
~      Mindbody
~      Embodiment
1.     The mind-body problem a declaration of war between the mind and the body.
2.     When the mind is turned to a battlefield nobody wins.
3.     To heal the rift between the mind and the body, it is enough to see that there is no rift.
4.     When the mind is lost, the only way to recover is to find the body.
~      The process of reality
~      Destiny’s ceaseless transformation
1.     Reality’s love of itself.
2.     And this too.
~      Passing
~      Suspension
1.     In the rising there is already the falling.
2.     There is always a gap.
3.     Ceasefire.

nostalgia is my home

O meets K
B meets Y

Marco meets Hubble
Brazil meets Angola

Democritus meets Siddhartha
Space meets aeternitatis

Mitochondria meets Margulis
Virus meets Robert

Papyrus meets forgetting
Emily meets Vesuvius

Amygdala meets F-or-F
Sol meets green

Sade meets Genesis
Alchemy meets evolution

Experiment meets chaosmos
Zaraθuštra meets πιφάνεια

Spirochete meets spermatozoon
Bach meets le moqueur polyglotte

Parallel meets convergence
Genghis meets spaghettini

Gravity meets Andromeda
The mirror meets la recherche

Story meets silence
Beckett meets Hammadi

Hyperbola meets Heraclitus
Matrix meets ouroboros

Breath meets eureka
Water meets wayless

Returning meets metamorphosis

~      The Bliss of release
~      Reality’s blissing
1.     The eternal epiphany of perpetual arrival.
2.     When the demands nothing from reality, reality demands nothing from the mind.
Notiones communes
~      Thinking together
~      Intersobjectivity
1.     The meeting of the different and the different in ceaseless differentiation. (The density of coming together, the destiny of the different.)