Afterlifes 29: Narrativus Interruptus

Chapter 29

It his brother Nico – hishalf-brother Nico –thirteen. home the restaurant late night, Gustavo a shower himself he a date, he just the usual clothes he – boxers a white v-neck t-shirt it a cool night, just boxers it warm. Gustavo Nico’s bed two three hours, him softly positions time time. He especially excited Nico’seyes. Is he me? he. The thought Nico’s dreams him, just the thought absent his dreams him despondent.

(It this time that Gustavo, who never much a reader, Proust Nico’s bookshelf theRecherche. Someone Nico, a voracious reader, Swann’s Way his thirteenth birthday. He it, he it. It a few years –a first love –Nico a Proust aficionado. Gustavo, the other hand, Proust right away.)

Fortunately (unfortunately) Gustavo, Nico a heavy sleeper (a prolific dreamer), Niconever Gustavo him intently the privacy slumber. But once, they Hermosa Beach ice cream cones, Nico Gustavo, “you my room last night? I this strange dream. I that I you me. first, this me. that really you the dark, somebody else? My photographs! I. Of course, an instant later I it ridiculous that someone my room my photographs – thieves not photographs any more they dreams memories. I, I safe. Oh, it you, I. You me you always, my dream, I my eyes back. Weird, huh?”

“Very weird,” Gustavo, his cherry ice cream cone. “we our ice cream? you rather some pictures Sunset Boulevard?”

“You what I.”

Nico fourteen, Gustavo a hole the wall Nico’s room his.

Gustavo was drug dealer. natural. For reason, men trusted him. “Gustavo has stuff,” they’d tell their friends. “He’s, but you know the stuff he gives you does have shit mixed in.” And so flock of men got their crystal, E, K, and G from Gustavo, who hung out in bars and clubs when he was starting out. But, by virtue of word of mouth, he could sell his products by appointment and demand purchase. He could quit job at restaurant.

But as things were getting, Ariel started getting on his case – she was becoming about his prosperity. “You’re my mother,” he snapped, when Ariel asked him how he made money at restaurant to buy Nico camera (one in months).

Nico was starting to act. When Gustavo gave him his camera, Nico hesitated to accept his gift. “My camera’s working. And it’s – you gave it to me months. Maybe you should return one – save your money.”

“Don’t be Nico. I would have bought you camera if I could afford it, I do believe in saving money. Money’s for spending.”

So Nico took camera, because Gustavo would take no for answer, but for time, it sat in his sock drawer.

(or) for Gustavo, he was dealer – he used of his goods, and he got involved with of his clients. But Ariel was getting to be and of pain in his ass. She was dummy, that’s thing he could say for her, she gave him ultimatum – “if you insist on doing this, you need to go. It’s influence on your brother.”

“influence? You would be able to stay in this house if I did help you with rent. You want me to move out? I’ll move out, but I’m taking Nico with me.”

And so war with Ariel started.

To Gustavo’s astonishment, he lost.

A good, married a good, and bought a nice, and a big, and had – three and, finally, a, named. And loved equally (except loved a little more equally, and, unlike most, secretly hoped was gay).

the grew up revering their dead, whose – frozen, haunted, of old working, ethnic and, , etc. – hung all over the. Strangely, there were no of. This was partly because had rarely photographed. But, though rare, such did exist. Of course, the asked to see of their legendary, but eventually gave up. was clear was unable – or unwilling to satisfy curiosity.

“do have any of?” (did not like to be called or.)

“Yes, ’re here somewhere. What do feel like having for? How ’bout some? And after, do want to go to the to take some of, and?”

Each of, of were primed to be enthusiastic, had or own, and snapped of. But as the grew older, got interested in other, and lay unused in. Only continued to be an enthusiastic – in a way had to be. So carried big wherever went, and every six, gave a new.

At some, the realized (and were kind enough to inform little), that was not really, at least not by. This meant that was just a half-. (of the – the middle – was pleased with this fine.) “is with never talks about. So just half-.”

“Don’t think ’s weird how ’ve never seen a of?” the oldest asked.

“Very weird.”

Young listened to (while took of – a had gotten quite used to in the), but didn’t participate in about why concealed from. didn’t want to question. Still, couldn’t help wondering, “Why was named after?”

This is what could have, might have, must have, should have, would have happened, she said, he said, you said, I said, we said, you said, they said. But what really happened?